Sunday, June 5, 2011

Utah 2011 - Day 1: Headed West

The weekend prior to our leaving for Utah was a crazy one with my dance recital and all... it's normally hectic without the additional worry of packing, the worry of a broken down Jeep ( mine wouldn't be taking the trip this time due to a bad valve seat) and trying to make sure the Boy's van is up to snuff to drive some 3000+ miles on a whim. 

We left on Sunday evening after the dance recital - I drove first and made it from Elgin, IL to just west of Iowa City, IA.  The Boy then took over and got us well into Nebraska before calling it quits.  We stopped at a rest stop just off the interstate to get a bit of shut-eye.

Thought this was an interesting carving in the side of the rest stop building...

We get going the next morning - we want to be in Salt Lake City by nightfall. 

We experienced off and on stormy weather throughout the day and some pretty sights that we don't get the chance to see around home...

The sign we'd been looking for!  Just a short drive from here... :)

Park City, UT area...

We made it into Salt Lake City after dark, and met with our friend where he works.  He generously offered to let us use his Jeep while he drove his Toyota for the off-road expedition portion of this trip.  Thanks many times over goes out to him.  He was also cool enough to let us crash at his apartment for a couple of nights while we all made the last minute preparation to vehicles, supplies, etc.