Friday, January 28, 2011

Urban exploration

I may have mentioned how I've been trekking to downtown Chicago a lot lately (twice this week, even).  Mostly because I have about 8 more dance classes to use, split between Joffrey Ballet and Hubbard Street.  I was there again today - at Joffrey - for a pilates and a ballet class.  I really love getting out of my normal dance environment to experience new surroundings, new classmates, and new instructors.  I'm a much better dancer for it, and when I return to my normal studio, I feel like I have gained something that I haven't gotten from the classes I typically take.  I can't put my finger on what that is just yet.  Whatever it is, I feel like it's an improvement.

I also try to take advantage of the environment downtown as something different for my photography endeavors.  I always bring the camera with me to try my hand at a little "Urban Exploration."  But do you know what's a little funny?  With all the archetecture and parks and museums and everything... you'd think I'd find all kinds of inspiration, right? 

Not exactly.

I'm finding that more often than not, I'm unmotivated by skyscrapers and fancy sculptures and such.  I favor those images that are nature-based, not manufactured.  Not that I don't agree that the skyline has a certain degree of elegance and prestige... It does.  But in the handful of times that I've been there in the last few months... I find that I'm less and less impressed. 

I'll absolutely take the farm roads and forest preserves any day.  I'll never be a city girl...