Monday, January 31, 2011

The arrival of Flat Stanley!

The Boy and I have a good friend that we met about 1-1/2 years ago at one of our Jeep-group multi-day outings.  His name is Bub (nickname, I presume).  Bub lives in a suburb of New Orleans.  We really hit it off with him that weekend of wheeling, and The Boy has seen him once since then at the end of last year's BABE Rally.  He was gracious enough to put up The Boy and his dad for a night or two before they made the trip home.  At Christmas time, he sent us New Orleans style goodies - Pralines and a King Cake to share with the family.  He's just one of those all-around cool guys... makes you wish you knew more people of that caliber.

So the latest delivery from Bub was a replacement thermostat for the house (he's an electrician, and had an extra one lying around), and a project to help out his daughters for a Preschool/Kindergarten project...

We got a Flat Stanley!!

I always heard about this project as a kid and never had the opportunity to participate.  Now I have that chance, and I'm all giddy about it like a little kid would be! 

So, Flat Stanley is essentially a picture on a piece of paper (think coloring book design) of a little man.  My mission... should I choose to accept it... is to decorate/dress Flat Stanley as he should be, given his environment.  Once done, Stanley will join us when we go anywhere - my trips to downtown Chicago, to dance, to The Boy's skatepark trips, to friends' houses, etc... and we are to take photos of him in those environments and write about what Stanley did on his 'visit' with us.  Then, after a couple of weeks have passed, we mail Flat Stanley and all the corresponding photos/reports/etc. back to the school that Bub's girls attend... and they can share Stanley's experience with their classmates.

Pretty cool! 

I think Flat Stanley sightings will appear on this blog as well...  :oD