Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So, it's been awhile...

... and my, how interesting the last few weeks have been!  Quite the whirlwind of events!  So, here's my attempt to get you back up to speed.

About a week and a half after returning from Montana for our 10-day trip, I found out that I was losing my job.  I didn't lose it based on job performance or anything like that.  Business had been suffering.  We, as a company, were quite a bit behind in profits than where we were the same time last year.  Cuts were being made company-wide.  The facility I worked out of had let go nearly half the warehouse staff, and one office person (me).  Our corporate office also laid off a handful of people, and had their customer service department working 4 days a week instead of 5.  Things were not going well.  My last day there was on September 24th.

Aaron had this idea.  When he initially told me, I wasn't convinced it was something I could pull off... but now... anyway... the idea was that I should apply for massage therapist positions in the mountain states for the winter.  To travel west, to work at a ski resort or resort community instead of trying to find just another 'job' out here.  At first, I (jokingly) accused him of trying to get rid of me for awhile.  But, then I began to take it seriously.  I sent out some resumes - to Colorado and Montana - not really expecting to hear from anyone.

But I did!

The first response I recieved was via e-mail from a resort out in Vail, CO.  I had to decline that position because they were looking for an on-call therapist.  A position that certainly wouldn't justify my travel from Illinois.

The next response was from a therapy studio in Big Sky, MT.  I had filled out their online application, and then e-mailed my resume a day or so later.  I recieved a response based on those things, and was told to expect a phone call that same week to discuss the position.  The owner of the studio contacted me, and we discussed the position at length for about a 1/2 hour over the phone.  She genuinely sounded interested in me, and I was most definitely interested in the position.

Because she can't hire based off of a telephone conversation, my next step is to travel to meet her in Big Sky.  I have my flight and rental car already arranged.  I will be there from October 19th - 21st.  I assume the bulk of the interview will be on Oct. 20th, as that's a non-travel day.

Now I'm going through a lot of things...

I'm excited and nervous about the interview.  I haven't actively worked for anyone in the massage field for about 2 years.  Not in a full-time capacity.  I've done contracted work, and work out of my home... but the full-time office job and dance have consumed the rest of that time.  So, I'm concerned that my technique may not be up to snuff.  I've practiced once recently, and was told that the quality of my technique is still there.  Hopefully that's true.  In the meantime, I'd like to get a couple more hands-on practices in.  I've also dug out a lot of my old coursework from when I was still in college... I'm perusing that in effort to jog my memory on some of the more technical aspects of the practice.  The position in Big Sky is definitely not a fluffy spa job, so I'll need the skill that I used to use all the time.

I'm afraid of not getting the job.  Not getting the job means I've used the funds to fly out there for essentially nothing.  I hate to waste money like that, and I'm not so certain if my confidence (or lack thereof) will get the better of me in the end. 

I'm a little scared of getting the job.  If I DO get the job, there are additional expenses that go along with it.  There's the 2-day drive out there, there's a new set of tires for the jeep before I leave (I need them anyway), there's the money to become licensed in Montana.  Once I get out there, I'll have to pay for living accomodations somewhere - meaning either finding a place with a roommate, or renting my own place.  Granted, the hourly + tip pay for this job will be better than anywhere I've ever worked yet... and if I do well, I can easily pay for all these expenses.  But that's kind of a big IF... a big risk for me.

Outside of the financial side of this, I'm afraid of getting the job because that means I'll be away from home for 4-5 months straight.  I've never been away from Aaron that long.  I haven't been away from my family and friends that long either.  Especially to temporarily relocate to a place where I don't know anyone.  That's got me a little wigged-out too.

I've decided that I'm either going to love it, or I'm going to hate it.  I'm hoping that I'll love it.  That would make the transition a whole lot easier.  I mean, I already love the area - I simply LIVE for the mountains.  And the mountains in the winter would be awesome!  I'll be close enough to snowboard at Big Sky Resort, and hopefully improve my skill a lot by the end of the winter season.  I already don't mind being alone for longer stretches of time (this would definitely be a test though).  It gives me the opportunity to meet some new people, and explore on my terms.  And, if I do stay busy... the money will definitely nice.