Monday, August 23, 2010

Officially excited... and BUSY!

Just a few days left now until we're off!  I'm super-excited, but also stressed.  We have done a lot in the last few days to prep the jeep... and still have quite a few more things to do before it's all said and done.

Tuesday night last week, we noticed some 'interesting' noises coming from the front end of the jeep.  We were concerned that the front differential was going bad due to some ill-fitting suspension parts. Wednesday night after work, we tore into the front passenger side suspension and were fortunate to find that what was actually wrong wasn't too expensive to repair... vs. the cost of a replacement front differential, or replacement gearing... probably $350 difference, at minimum.  This repair cost approx. $150.  We are replacing the passenger front CV joint and intermediate shaft.  However, we're not doing that until this evening as we had to wait for parts to be delivered.

I did run and get the tires rotated on Friday night, and on Saturday we dropped all of the skids, flushed/refilled the coolant, flushed/refilled fluid and replaced filters in the transmission pan, and I RTV'ed the seeping transfer case.  In the next couple of days the oil will be changed, we'll re-install the passenger side CV/intermediate shaft, bolt the skids back on, and get an alignment.

THEN I can think about packing.

It think being busy this week will be better than not - time passes faster, and maybe Friday will show up sooner.  :o)

More later...