Monday, August 16, 2010

11 days...

I went wheeling with some friends over the weekend in SE Michigan.  Before I left, I wanted to thoroughly look over the jeep - check fluids, tighten suspension, etc.  Nearly everything checked out okay...


It appears that Eugene has a seeping seal/gasket in the transfer case - where the 2 halves meet.  Fortunately, it's not bad at this stage.  I check the fluid level yesterday morning before heading into Michigan with the others to the off-road park, and it barely took any fluid at all.  So, it's not a full-on leak.


I got on the Jeep forums last night to search for the 'fix'.  I found some directions... and, to read it, it doesn't sound like a complicated fix.  I find it a little scary as it calls for the removal of the transfer case from the vehicle.

Someone in my wheeling group yesterday suggested a RTV patch - especially if the time isn't availble to actually fix the issue until after the Montana trip.  I am considering this because it is only in a seeping state, and because I bring extra fluids with me in the Jeep all the time anyway... so, I can keep an eye on it while we are traveling.   We shall see what happens.

In other news - other 'to-do's'...
  • I ordered two canisters of bear spray off eBay last week - they should be here this week... in plenty of time for the trip.  
  • I'd like to set up the tent again this week or weekend... for practice, if nothing else.  
  • We need to start pulling all the gear from the garage and getting it ready to pack.  
  • The Jeep still needs a transmission fluid/filter change, and a coolant flush - probably next weekend.  And next week, it will have the oil changed, tires rotated/balanced, and an alignment done.