Monday, July 12, 2010

Montana Update

I received the Scenic Drive - Montana book months ago, commenced reading it for about a week or two, and then kind of forgot about it. I assumed that most of the routes listed were all paved road, 2-lane highway routes... I didn't see anything on unpaved roads or otherwise.

Shame on me.

I went back to the book a couple of weeks ago (out of lack of anything else to do that day), and found that there actually ARE a handful of routes that specifically states '4x4 vehicles are highly advisable.' Thank goodness! These routes are now on the itinerary for the week.

In giving a couple of my other road maps a closer, second look, I also found that one of the maps lists roads that are gravel or "check with the local municipality to find road composition." That sounds promising too.

If I play my cards right, I'm hoping stay off of the pavement for most of the travel-time in Montana.

I'm anticipating this trip moreso now... leave in 7 weeks!