Friday, March 5, 2010

Decision made... now what?

I've been thinking and talking about driving to, and spending a few weeks in Alaska sometime... but it's usually never more than a daydream.

Till now.

Although it's a long way away, I'm trying to get together information and a game plan for making this happen during the summer/early fall of 2012 (if possible). The only real destination that I have so far is Prudhoe Bay/Deadhorse via the Dalton Highway. Maybe over to Barrow also, if time/money allows.

Because planning is so early (meaning, I decided I wanted to make this happen.... yesterday), I don't have many details yet. I've been sending requests out for maps of the region, and all the literature I can find to help in planning.

I'm putting this out here as a planning, and eventually, a trip blog... and wouldn't mind some input from anyone who has traveled through Alaska before, or that lives/lived there... more specifically, the northern area that we plan to visit. Routes to take? Points of interest? Things to be careful of? Things to not do? Any input would be great.