Saturday, March 20, 2010

Command Central!

I received a USPS box from the gentleman that I've been talking to on Expedition Portal that lives in Girdwood, AK yesterday. In it was quite a few brochures, and magazines related to various places in Alaska... and also included in the box was a 2008 copy of the Milepost - the Alaska/Yukon travel 'bible,' of sorts. I'm super-excited to have this!! I plan to start pouring through it tonight and tomorrow... and start trying to pull ideas together from it.

We went to the Travel & Adventure Show today and found some more information regarding travel and locations. While there, we sat for a session given by Captain Keith Colburn of the crab ship Wizard (from the Deadliest Catch show). He was a great speaker, and was fun to learn about some of the things he has experienced and adventures he has had in his life. He's quite the admirable man.

Today, I stopped at a local craft place and found a couple of cork boards to mount in the spare room... to create 'command central.' I also ran over to Barnes & Noble for a Montana state map, and an Alaska state map - both in which to add to the board.

The beginning of 'Command Central.'

Literature I received in the box from Alaska:

Information and literature acquired at today's Travel & Adventure Show: