Sunday, March 7, 2010

Montana: Back to Big Sky Country!

I've had a couple of ideas about where to go this summer... for vacation, I guess. (To some it's vacation... to me, it's extended exploring.)

I thought about heading back out to Ouray, CO - it's such a beautiful area with tons of jeep trails through the mountains. I had a difficult time leaving there last year, and vowed to be back this year. I thought about going solo in June - a great adventure by myself, but not all of the trails I'd like to travel will be open yet. I also thought about taking the boy and going to meet some KJ friends in July - the downside to this is that meeting the friends would have to happen on a weekend... and we wouldn't get to utilize the weekends into our paid vacation time from work.

I started reminiscing the trip to Montana a few years back. We ended up staying at a ski resort that also did hiking/mountain biking in the summer. While this was a fun time, it lacked time to explore as much as we found we wanted to. We spent one day on a no-name trail that led to a tiny little town called Polebridge. That day... that trip to Polebridge... was one of the most memorable things we did the last time to Montana. So it's that kind of exploring that we're talking about doing this summer.

The plan is to drive out... with no intended destination other than the Glacier NP area... and explore. Via Jeep, on foot, do some backcountry camping (if allowed).... and just wing it.